Ledger Live is More Than You Think

Posted by webadmin on Friday 17 April 2020

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Take advantage of everything that Ledger Live is offering you. 
Most of the users already know that it’s easy to send and receive transactions with the Ledger Live App. But there is more…

No Limit!

Don’t feel limited! As Ledger Live is giving you the opportunity to stack up a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Whether it is on your smartphone or computer, you can easily manage your assets from a single application. With Ledger Live, you have the possibility to manage 23 coins and more than 1.250 ERC-20 directly from one single app. And we are still adding!

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Grow Your Assets

Staking crypto

Earn crypto rewards without doing anything by staking Tezos directly in the Ledger Live App.

Staking is now accessible for everyone. Same as putting money on your savings account, you can use Tezos and our Ledger Live application for that. In just 3 simple steps, you can delegate your Tezos and wait for your crypto rewards without doing anything.

How to stake your Tezos

Everywhere You Go


You can securely manage your crypto, everywhere you go by using the Ledger Nano X with our Ledger Live application.

The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth enabled secure device that stores your private keys. Connect your Ledger Nano X to the Ledger Live Mobile app to set up your device and manage crypto assets anywhere you go.

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A Wallet For Everyone

Family wallet

Did you know that it is possible to create multiple wallets in the Ledger Live App?

You can create multiple wallets directly in Ledger Live – all of them with their own purpose. With this feature, you will be able to create a wallet for each member of your family and help them manage their portfolio.

Brace Yourself


Hackers are getting more intuitive every day and find new ways to obtain access to all your private data. Lot of people don’t see it as a threat for themselves until they get hacked and it is already too late.

At Ledger, our mission is to provide security for your critical digital assets – whether it concerns crypto assets or access to your private accounts through U2F. Using our dedicated application, you can protect your emails, accounts, and more… Brace yourself and don’t get hacked!

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